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hyperion · 35 weeks ago
It is on mobile. The thing is that the ad opens on a new tab.
timebender25 · 35 weeks ago
It redirects me when I get it.
And I get it often. Especially in the afternoon.
hyperion · 35 weeks ago
Ok don't get on he on my computer, but I will see if o can get something or see if i can get an ad code
texasranger · 35 weeks ago
@Zeus yes only on my mobile phone. I think they might be on my PC but my PC blocks all popup adds. So i dont know if its the same ones
wimsyexpergefactor · 35 weeks ago
I've never gotten any pop ups on funsubstance?
famousone · 35 weeks ago
It stopped for me. Thanks Zues
hyperion · 35 weeks ago
It also stopped for me
pitty · 35 weeks ago
For me as well
jojofan · 35 weeks ago
I dont get them anymore
veryhairybeary · 35 weeks ago
Indeed, my interactions with the spam adware has ceased
texasranger · 35 weeks ago
Same thanks @Zeus if it wasnt you... Thanks anyway
hyperion · 34 weeks ago
I just got them again, this is going to be a persistent problem. Going to have to try ad block or jumping to PC
hyperion · 34 weeks ago
I had to type this in memo and laste it here but the ad kept bombarding like crazy.
I can't comment without getting hit every few seconds this is where the links take me.
texasranger · 34 weeks ago
Yeah im getting then again amazon and youtube this time
famousone · 34 weeks ago
Zeus · 34 weeks ago
I'd suggest you guys use adblock. I can't block using those URL, neither could Google.
famousone · 34 weeks ago
pitty · 34 weeks ago
Thank you!
timebender25 · 34 weeks ago
Can't figure put how to get ad block on my phone.