grimreaper · 35 weeks ago
Most of mine is just peach fuzz at the moment, aside from the patch of hair on my lower lip and a few hairs on my chin.
thethirdi · 35 weeks ago
17 is when I could grow one, but it's not very thick
funkmasterrex · 35 weeks ago
I started getting my chin hairs right after HS. The neck and sides started coming in a little later, maybe a year, with one small patch that, while slowly getting smaller, won't go away due to a scar. It's still nowhere near as thick as I'd like though. The thicker it gets, the softer I can get it.. when it first started it was like face pubes. Side note: I've noticed my pubes are getting softer over time <_<.
scatmandingo · 35 weeks ago
I was able to grow a goatee that was just my chin (it was fashionable at the time) by 19. A few years later I could grow in the mustache and have it connect, which is a big milestone. Anyway, to answer your actual question my beard was full by 25.
scatmandingo · 35 weeks ago
Oh and it’s worth mentioning that until you can grow a facial hair style fully don’t wear that facial hair style. A wispy moustache or goatee doesn’t make you look older, it makes you look awkward. Keep it clean until your face can support it.
omar1992 · 35 weeks ago
It takes its time though, how old are you?
deleted · 35 weeks ago
texasranger · 35 weeks ago
Im 22 and my checks still havent filled in yet
texasranger · 35 weeks ago
dr_richard_ew · 35 weeks ago
Mine slowly grew around grade 9, and then halfway into grade 10 it just came in all at once. It was like BAM! Now you've got a beard!
omar1992 · 35 weeks ago
It depends, some men doesn't grow beard until 20. You're 17 so its still early.
However, don't expect a thick beard at the first time, it will be patchy at the beginning, and you will have to keep shaving and apply beard oil to get a beard with the right thickness and consistency.
tarotnathers13th · 35 weeks ago
I've only got a goatee, a thin mustache, and a really terrible neckbeard and the only reason I keep the former two when I shave is to try to grow it out so i can see if I can actually grow a full beard. Took about three years from 18 to get either, so I'm slowly coming to terms that this might be it.
omar1992 · 35 weeks ago
It takes its time man. But you will have to shave first then it will grow back thicker.
unicycle · 35 weeks ago
For anyone wanting a fuller/softer beard: rub some argan oil into your face every day. Or use coconut oil for a nice smell - either one will condition and thicken your facial hair.
internet · 35 weeks ago
got a full goatee by 15, full beard by 16...
deleted · 35 weeks ago
What the fuck internet
folk_the_lore · 35 weeks ago
Yeah I was around 14 or 15 when mine started as well
I’ve had a mustache since like 4th grade
omar1992 · 35 weeks ago
I use black seed oil it smells nice and is good for your skin(fights acne etc...)