guest_ · 34 weeks ago
If you are in one of the primary entrants they will come find you when the show starts. As world wars tend to go you can wait until it comes to you as these things tend to have an extensive list of stops on the tour, but if you want front row seats to any particular venue, speak to a travel agent today before they stop taking passports or giving visas for those areas.
omar1992 · 34 weeks ago
Amazing. Can't wait.
deleted · 34 weeks ago
Can't suck my way out of this one.
texasranger · 34 weeks ago
Im getting my tickets preordered via the US Navy college vip give away.
diggle · 34 weeks ago
Who needs tickets when you're a part of the show, the grand incineration.
famousone · 34 weeks ago
I already signed my ass up to be a part of the show