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pitty · 30 weeks ago
I'd want the Eidolon crystals from FFXIII. Just so I can ride Bahamut. Bless.
chilledtothebone · 30 weeks ago
The Portal Gun/Long-fall Boots combo. I’d kick ass.
rydler · 30 weeks ago
I think long fall boots alone are worth alot more than people give them credit for
mrfahrenheit · 30 weeks ago
1UP Mushroom
famousone · 30 weeks ago
Big Boss' eye-patch. It's power is coolness, and I'd only be cool if I could do what Big Boss do.
Or Kratos' tattoo. It's power is coolness, and I'd only be cool if I could do what Kratos do.
dgjttddw · 30 weeks ago
Scorpion's kunai and chain. It'd be fully functional...and I'd be fully at blame taking my own eye out.
zinope · 30 weeks ago
EXsphere from ToS. I could be superhuman without any ill side effects so long as it was complete
famousone · 30 weeks ago
zinope · 30 weeks ago
Tales of Symphonia
rydler · 30 weeks ago
Palutena's Bow - Kid Icarus Uprising
It's swords, a bow (infinite arrows) what else do i need?
famousone · 30 weeks ago
I've been meaning to get into Tales. Might be too late now.
dr_richard_ew · 30 weeks ago
@rydler not to mention HOMING arrows
rydler · 30 weeks ago
creativedragonbaby · 30 weeks ago
I want the hammer that the NPC blacksmiths use that you can just tap something (raw materials) and it will be crafted and enchanted.
timebender25 · 30 weeks ago
Of course.
I ask for a wind waker and not a week later Game Theory uploads a video about the SCIENCE! of it.

Not what I fucking meant universe! How dare you!
rydler · 30 weeks ago
I just finished that! Haha, you got more than you bargained for
timebender25 · 30 weeks ago
I haven't seen the video yet. But I know it's gonna be some, "The world is doomed due to your negligence" thing because it's Austin.
rydler · 30 weeks ago
Basically due to wind movement and the rules that currentd follow, the windwaker forces fronts to move millions of kg of wind at mach speeds, destroying half of the world.
Nice job Thanos
timebender25 · 30 weeks ago
Hyrule isn't feeling too good...
rydler · 30 weeks ago
you little punk