spookykink57 · 30 weeks ago
And they have renewed crappy shows!
mikriarktos · 30 weeks ago
Nah, NBC just bought back B99
captainjackharknes · 30 weeks ago
Link to list? I gotta see if I'm losing my shows.
parisqeen · 30 weeks ago
I think it's cause Fox wasn't getting enough dollar dollars from it but like Yuki yuk said other companies will pick them up pretty quick, they're too good to lose and bring in lots of views
fell_equinox · 30 weeks ago
I'm raging over Lucifer. I loved that show!
shrekislove_ · 30 weeks ago
That's not fair. Lucifer is amazing, and that's getting cancelled. The big bang theory has become so tedious, yet that gets another season.