creativedragonbaby · 30 weeks ago
I do
creativedragonbaby · 30 weeks ago
I remembered Fire and Flames from Dragonforce the other day, so I’ve been listening to it for the first time in years
dimebag · 30 weeks ago
I've recently been getting progressive stuff like Gojira and Meshuggah.
Thrash is still my favourite though.
betterthanyou · 30 weeks ago
Mercury is my favorite metal.
fell_equinox · 30 weeks ago
Have you seen Aggretsuko on Netflix??
internet · 30 weeks ago
what's it about? googling it might show spoilers
fell_equinox · 30 weeks ago
It has animal characters and our main is a red panda. She works in an 9ffice building and her boss is a self centered, lazy, sexist pig and to help deal with her stress she does heavy metal karaoke
fell_equinox · 30 weeks ago
Only 10 episodes