What did y’all do today
by kittykatsuma03 · 26 comments 30 weeks ago
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pitty · 30 weeks ago
Went to school. made up a lab that, turns out, i was not going to miss. Reviewed for AP world. Ate homemade flan. Currently looking at memes.
kittykatsuma03 · 30 weeks ago
Well im currently mentally dying so I’m glad you guys are ok
riyriamistborn · 30 weeks ago
Worked my first job from 9-3, ran to my mom's to pick up my laundry because she was nice enough to do it for me since I didn't have water, worked my second job from 3:45-6:50, dropped my laundry off at home, had a church activity from 7:00-8:30, or home, took care of my dog and ate dinner, figured out some more work stuff, now I'm getting in the shower at almost 10 pm. Trying to figure out if I want to play Skyrim for a bit when I'm done, or just sleep...
pandaman1 · 30 weeks ago
Woke at 2 after sleeping only 3 hours just to go back to work. Currently at work trying to get a stranger or multiple strangers to get a matching tattoo with me
fell_equinox · 30 weeks ago
Wrote half of the next chapter for my online blog
flyingoctopus · 30 weeks ago
I did meth
rosalinas · 30 weeks ago
Work, eat, get pissed over a failed order that's supposed to be here 3 weeks ago
And more eating cause I fucking love pineapples
thatguyyouknow · 30 weeks ago
Nearly cried
diggle · 30 weeks ago
My today just started fool, its like 8:30
rosalinas · 30 weeks ago
Mine is coming to an end now
Also I watched Buffalo 66, it's it's pretty old movie
And idk why but I like it
fire_is_hot · 30 weeks ago
Took a guys amputated foot to the hospital to hopefully get it re-attached. Moral of the story, don't drink and drive.
kittykatsuma03 · 30 weeks ago
Don’t drink and drive with a foot in the car or
kittykatsuma03 · 30 weeks ago
Instructions unclear
fire_is_hot · 30 weeks ago
Don't drink and drive or you may lose your foot. Better? haha
nightkami · 30 weeks ago
Smoked a little weed, washed some clothes, and played warframe. Pretty good off day so far.
rydler · 30 weeks ago
Finished a book ( @juicy ) now I’m mad. But not mad mad. But mad because WHY DID IT END AUGH. How to find the rest of the series
juicy · 30 weeks ago
juicy · 30 weeks ago
rydler · 30 weeks ago
And now to find book 2
juicy · 30 weeks ago