Hey movie lovers! Get over here!
by sheeby78 · 6 comments 30 weeks ago
sheeby78 · 30 weeks ago
So my friend makes movies and this is his studio, check it out. http://movisti.com/
flyingoctopus · 30 weeks ago
You called?
sheeby78 · 30 weeks ago
He’s an award winning high school film director so his movies are pretty good.
pitty · 30 weeks ago
It won't be long until his name gets big, then
punchmunchkin · 30 weeks ago
Are any of them scary? I want to watch the videos but it’s nighttime here and, I’m gonna be real, I get nightmares if I watch horror before I go to bed. Should I just wait till tomorrow or are they cool? Also compliments to your friend, it all looks very professional, and from the little bit that I watched, he seems to know what he’s doing. I wish him the best luck, and expect to see his name on the big screen someday soon :D
sheeby78 · 30 weeks ago
No he doesn’t do horror, or anything scary.