ishouldjustgonow · 30 weeks ago
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, people of all ages: welcome to the 2018 graduation ceremony. First of all, thank you for showing up, and thank you to all of my friends, family, teachers, and school staff who have brought me this far. I would love to thank all of you as individuals, but I’ll do that in my own time; right now, I want to address the graduating class.
Hey guys. It’s safe to say that high school graduation is pretty much the first great milestone of every life, and to me, that means it deserves a toast.
Here’s to the many years before us, and the countless little things that will make them worthwhile. Here’s to those moments that make you feel alive; the rush of excitement when your team scores the winning point, the breathless laughter when you just can’t get that one joke out of your head, the guilty pleasure of jamming out in the car to that old boyband song you would never admit that you know every word to. (cont)
ishouldjustgonow · 30 weeks ago
Here’s to those moments that make you feel loved; the smell of a homemade breakfast waiting on the table, the sound of a phone call checking if you made it home alright, the warmth of a hug with absolutely no reason behind it other than just wanting to be close to you. Here’s to those moments that make you feel so completely, ridiculously happy that you might just cry; the relief of opening that acceptance letter you had been waiting on for weeks, the first sight of that one person you hadn’t seen in so long, the sudden, split-second realization that everything is going to be okay.
Last but not least, here’s to you, class of 2018, and to making all of those moments a reality. Congratulations!
unicycle · 30 weeks ago
It looks great! When you say "it deserves a toast" you should definitely pull a slice of toast out of your sleeve. A nice little bit of humor before you get serious.
guest_ · 30 weeks ago
The class of 2018 made the smell of homemade breakfast a reality?
pitty · 30 weeks ago
I agree with uni. That's where your dash of humor should come in, make people laugh. Or say, 'Not /that/ kind of toast' and the pull out the bread