acegalaxi · 30 weeks ago
Laurel. Every. Single. Time.
mikriarktos · 30 weeks ago
What is this about?
creativedragonbaby · 30 weeks ago
I could only hear Laurel
creativedragonbaby · 30 weeks ago
Apparently they’re both played at the same time and that’s why you’re only able to hear one, because your brain picks out one to listen to
yimmye · 30 weeks ago
They’re not played at the same time, but some people listen more to certain high or low frequencies, if you filter those out you get only laurel or yanny. Having said that, if you hear yanny you’re wrong
sheeby78 · 30 weeks ago
Laurel every time
kittykatsuma03 · 30 weeks ago
Okay now I can hear both and my brain is spazzing
pitty · 30 weeks ago
I can only hear Laurel
kittykatsuma03 · 30 weeks ago
Try to hear Yanny p. It takes a while but now I can hear both and switch it’s cool
carbonatedwaffles · 30 weeks ago
This guy changed the pitches to allow you to hear both of them
captainjackharknes · 30 weeks ago
I hear dairy....
silvermyth · 30 weeks ago
I can change what I hear at will, but it’s usually laurel or yaurel.
tcole3710 · 30 weeks ago
I only hear Laurel.
kouyaaotsuki · 30 weeks ago
I saw some buzzfeed video on it and could only hear yanny
calvinoot · 29 weeks ago