Comment your best pick up line or pun.
by wickpop · 19 comments 30 weeks ago
cooltrousercat · 30 weeks ago
You’re mom giey
jambalaya · 30 weeks ago
ur dad lesbian
thatguyyouknow · 30 weeks ago
Me: Hey you dropped something
Her: what?
Me: your standards, hi I'm Adam nice to meet you
sheeby78 · 30 weeks ago
Are you a red stone torch because you extend my piston
dimebag · 30 weeks ago
@sheeby78 a Minecraft pun would definitely work on me
timebender25 · 30 weeks ago
"Hey are you from California?"
"Isn't it Tennessee, Ten-I-see?"
"No, this one's orange-inal."
fell_equinox · 30 weeks ago
Are you a leg because I want you in my pants
kouyaaotsuki · 30 weeks ago
Your sister a mister
cooltrousercat · 30 weeks ago
Your granny a tranny
dr_richard_ew · 30 weeks ago
Your family tree lgbt
tarotnathers13th · 30 weeks ago
What do you get when you cross guns and Japanese wives? Raifus.
cakelover · 30 weeks ago
Ay girl can you be my homework?
I'll slam you on the table and do you all night long
friendlyjaxon03 · 30 weeks ago
There's 20 letters i. The alphabet right?
No there's 26
Oh sorry I forgot u r a q t
That's only 25
You'll get the D later
captainjackharknes · 30 weeks ago
Do you like bad boys? Because, I'm pretty much bad at everything.
sheeby78 · 30 weeks ago
Get in the van
folk_the_lore · 30 weeks ago
Damm baby you’re so hot you could fart in my mouth and I would hold it in like a bong hit
kittykatsuma03 · 30 weeks ago
sheeby78 · 30 weeks ago
I said GET IN THE VAN, the white one next to the abandoned building.
jay2327 · 28 weeks ago
I like whiteboards, they're remarkable