dr_richard_ew · 19 weeks ago
Without any spoilers, don't bother waiting for the 2nd end credits scene, unless you REALLY want to see a giant ant playing drums
creativedragonbaby · 19 weeks ago
Wait theres a second end credits scene?
dr_richard_ew · 19 weeks ago
yeah, this started to happen ever since the first ant man movie, as far as I remember
funkmasterrex · 19 weeks ago
Infinity War didn't have a 2nd end credits scene. Anyway, there is a little more nuance in the 2nd end credits scene... it's not just an ant playing drums.
dr_richard_ew · 19 weeks ago
If you saw more than an ant playing drums then please feel free to tell me (but somewhere else bc this is spoiler free)
sunflowers · 19 weeks ago
I'm a die hard Marvel fan but I am getting really sick and tired of the double end credit scenes. We have busy schedules and we have to pack a special movie outing into it, expecting to leave within 2 hours give or take, not adding an extra 10-30 minutes onto that. It's so annoying
funkmasterrex · 19 weeks ago
The TV.. and then the eerie silence of SF. Just showing some more subtle hints about the aftermath of the snap.
dr_richard_ew · 18 weeks ago
It didn't seem that important to me.
Also phooey on you, now my chat has spoilers (Even if they aren't hugely inportant)
funkmasterrex · 18 weeks ago