Me trying to play video games
by sir_spiderman · 4 comments 27 weeks ago
sir_spiderman · 27 weeks ago
*tries to play Black Ops 3 for thirty minutes with it not connecting to the server*
"Fuck this, we going old school."
*grabs Black Ops 1 to play Kino Der Toten*
*plays Halo: ODST*
sublimegamer · 27 weeks ago
> Just got a new GTX 1080 graphics card
> What kind of games could I play to test the graphics
> Dune 2000 and Red Alert
sublimegamer · 27 weeks ago
> Play Fortnine for the first time
> No kills
> Gray weapons
> 2 people alive
> Fired 1 shot
> Died
grimreaper · 27 weeks ago
<Plays the Sims 4
<notices that the Grim Reaper likes to go to the gym
<help him out to get on his good side