dr_richard_ew · 18 weeks ago
Quick, what would you guys say was the main meme of June?
grimreaper · 18 weeks ago
Hating America memes?
jasonmon · 18 weeks ago
I vote Spaghetti car salesman
unicycle · 18 weeks ago
Big dick energy
"Alexa this is so sad play despacito"
pitty · 18 weeks ago
I think it's the salesman one
dr_richard_ew · 18 weeks ago
I so far have salesman down for July though
grimreaper · 18 weeks ago
What about the Predator one for July and the salesman for June
dr_richard_ew · 18 weeks ago
What's the predator one?
mrfahrenheit · 18 weeks ago
i agree with predator, but for june instead of july. salesman is definitely july
grimreaper · 18 weeks ago
That's fair.
dr_richard_ew · 18 weeks ago
So far I have:
January - Ugandan Knuckles/Somebody Toucha My Spaget
February - Steamed Hams
March - Malicious Patrick/Gru's plan
April - How could ____ do this
May - Is this a pigeon?
June - the predator meme
July - *slaps car*
carbonatedwaffles · 18 weeks ago
I would've put Despacito 2 as the meme of June
grimreaper · 18 weeks ago
I never even saw that meme.
funkyprincess63 · 17 weeks ago
I never saw that meme either