grimreaper · 18 weeks ago
Maybe talk to the aunt/boss?
creativedragonbaby · 18 weeks ago
That’s a good idea
dash224 · 18 weeks ago
I actually didn’t think of that. I’m definitely doing that.
igot3bodyproblems · 18 weeks ago
Try talking to him first - how would you feel if someone went straight to your aunt with something like this?
You could say something like: I like you but I feel uncomfortable when flirted with in front of the kids.
Could we do that after hours?
elincredibleme · 18 weeks ago
Get a hockey mask and a machete...he'll get the hint
vodka · 18 weeks ago
I think igot3bodyproblems has the better idea. If that doesn't work you can still always talk to his aunt or take elincredibleme's solution.
I for one wouldn't be happy if someone had a problem with me but would rather tell it to some family member instead of me.
dash224 · 18 weeks ago
Okay yeah you’ve got a point. I just feel like he’ll get offended and I don’t wanna do that.
grimreaper · 18 weeks ago
I agree with bodyproblems. If he doesn't listen to that, I'd talk to the Aunt.
xvarnah · 18 weeks ago
Thirding or fourthing the whole talk to him first thing. If he gets offended, then at least you know he's an ass before you actually go out with him
igot3bodyproblems · 16 weeks ago
How did it go?
dash224 · 16 weeks ago
Oh gosh a lot has happened. The day after I posted this he started getting really touchy at work. Whenever the two of us were in the same room alone he would grab me and consistently touch me. He then told a few of the kids that we were boyfriend and girlfriend and that was the last straw for me. I just felt so uncomfortable and a little violated. He texted me apologizing for being so forward and I just told him that I wasn’t interested anymore. We didn’t talk for a few days and I thought he got the hint but yet again he asked me out. I declined again. Then the next day I saw him at the beginning of work and didn’t see him for the rest of the day. At the end of my shift my boss held a meeting with me and my coworkers and told us that they had to let him go. Apparently, he was taking videos of some of the kids and saying mean things about them. He then posted it on social media. One of his friends saw these videos reported him, after that he was fired.