parisqeen · 18 weeks ago
I don't go down my neck as I think that's excessive and it gets on your clothes (I do go just below my chin tho so it doesn't look like a mask). If your foundation doesn't match your skin tone then unfortunately you'll just have to get another one. What type of skin do you have? What type of finish do you want? I can try and recommend some that aren't too pricey.
coleypoley · 18 weeks ago
Another thing you could possibly do is buy a pink colour correction primer and mix a little in to try and pinken it up a little
rosalinas · 18 weeks ago
^colour corrector will be a good idea if you don't wanna throw the whole bottle away
Try to find one in liquid from and has the same base (water/oil/silicone) as your foundation or it won't mix well
For matching thingy, I usually match the foundation with the skintone on my neck so I don't have to blend way too downwards cause I don't wanna waste product on my neck (especially when I'm a high-end foundation addict)
mrscollector · 18 weeks ago
I usually start on my cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead. Than spread the foundation out till it is smooth and looks almost like I am not wearing any but enough to even the skin tone. I then use what is left on my little sponge or hand if I was in a rush lol I will start under my chin and under my jaw line down my neck always starting at the top and working down so that it fades out to my natural skin tone. But to be honest I always try to buy a foundation and powder close to my skin tone so there isn't to much blending needed. Problem is I am very pale skinned so it can be hard to find the right foundation and powder.
Luckily my cheeks are natural red so I don't need blush it is why I don't apply to much foundation or powder. But I always go with black or smokey eyes because it makes my eyes pop. I was cursed with small eyes so they tend to make me look Asian though I loved it when I was a teen. For lipstick I always go with a light pink because my lips have freckles and I love that.