moth · 9 weeks ago
not necessarily
timebender25 · 9 weeks ago
"I told ya homeboy. Can't touch this."
guest_ · 9 weeks ago
Not necessarily. “Dude,” “homeboy” etc- a woman can call a man these things and still be attracted to him. It’s less common in previous generations, but younger people tend to speak less formally to those they are interested in romantically. Of course it depends on the context, the people involved, the tone.... don’t sweat it. There are plenty of ways to tell a woman isn’t interested that don’t rely on precision deconstruction of her choice of words.
scatmandingo · 9 weeks ago
Have to put it in context. “Hey, homeboy, let’s get involved in an emotional and sexual relationship.” is a good example.
guest_ · 9 weeks ago
scatmandingo nailed it. If she says it like that then you’re probably still in the running, but you still want to not be too aggressive and make sure.