mialinay · 9 weeks ago
Ok listen. Every new post starts out on the fresh page right? That's why I always just browse fresh. But lately I've noticed that there are heaps of posts on popular and trending that never were on fresh...? I live there, trust me. Has anyone noticed that as well?
internet · 9 weeks ago
yea I noticed that as well, never really thought about it much though
yimmye · 9 weeks ago
Try the All page instead, I think after All they’re sorted into either Fresh or Trending, so if you’re a few hours behind, a post might have already become trending and not show up on Fresh
mialinay · 9 weeks ago
But it's never happened before. I always looked at posts up to the last fresh post I've already seen and never missed out on any
pokethebear · 9 weeks ago
You have to use “ALL”. They leave “Fresh” after a few hours
mialinay · 9 weeks ago
That must be new then
internet · 9 weeks ago
gonna start checking the all section instead
Zeus · 9 weeks ago
Once a post goes to Trending it will no longer be shown on Fresh. So maybe you didn't check frequently enough?
hermionegranger · 9 weeks ago
I always browse the ALL section
guest_ · 9 weeks ago
I do “all” as well.