favorite holiday?
by blueunicorn · 17 comments 9 weeks ago
bethorien · 9 weeks ago
Independence day. Nothing better than blowing shit up
firewood · 9 weeks ago
Halloween because I can hide my face with a mask
jay2327 · 9 weeks ago
I don't really like any holidays. Nothing against them, I just couldn't care less about them.
scatmandingo · 9 weeks ago
aviva · 9 weeks ago
zalatair · 9 weeks ago
ur mom
rydler · 9 weeks ago
I like Christmas alot. Hot Chocolate, Sweaters, just the family mood (which extends to friends because obviously)
I don't like my birthday. I don't know why. I can enjoy other people's birthdays but my own just makes me feel bad
mrfahrenheit · 9 weeks ago
Waitangi Day, because it's my birthday and a Public Holiday, so I get the day off school, and holiday pay if I happen to work that day
karlboll · 9 weeks ago
January first ; International hangover pizza day.
aviva · 9 weeks ago
@mrfahrenheit You‘re really lucky
flyingoctopus · 9 weeks ago
Oi! It's my birthday too!
rydler · 9 weeks ago
Happy birthday!!!!!
creativedragonbaby · 9 weeks ago
I think rydler missed the memo
scurvyknave · 9 weeks ago
First, hands down, Halloween. Second, is not a “holiday” but for my family we always celebrate summer solstice.
mrfahrenheit · 9 weeks ago
@aviva yeah, its pretty good because you can hang out and do things all day
rydler · 9 weeks ago
Yes. I did. Anyway
texasranger · 9 weeks ago
Leif Erikson day!!