purplefinch · 23 weeks ago
you're a good cat parent.
deleted · 23 weeks ago
Despite what the internet says, your cat loves you very much
scurvyknave · 23 weeks ago
I’m so sorry you had such a bad night with your girl. You’re a great person and Boogie is very lucky to have you for her person. Try to get some rest and know that she loves you very much.
mrscollector · 23 weeks ago
Little update she is now on her clean pillow happily drooling on her cookie monster.
Last night was so tough. The poor little puff ball just cried for her things.
So everyone knows If it was just crying we wouldn't give her medicine to calm her. It is that she self harms and harms others when she goes into her fits. She chewed the tip off her tail bald once because we changed her food. She has scratched her older sister Coujie from her mom's first litter so bad once we thought she might lose her eye. All because we changed litter.
We changed it to a less chemical one because Boogie can't use the litter box properly she lays down in it. So we built a little ledge for her to lay on while she uses it and we changed the litter to something safer for her but she didn't like it. So fit city. She finally is used to it though. Plus luckily Coujie is fine. She just had a really bad black eye.
Coujie is like Boogie's adoptive mom. She was just trying to clean her like she always does.
scatmandingo · 23 weeks ago
My kids had items like that Cookie Monster doll and I never had the nerve to put them in a washing machine, let alone take them out to a laundromat. Woolite in the sink and a nice air dry was my method. I had nightmares of their blanket or whatever getting chewed up in a machine.
mrsuperman8942 · 23 weeks ago
for a second , i thought this would take a turn for the worse and the cat would be put in the laundry, thank goodness i'm just wrong all the time.
mrscollector · 23 weeks ago
Lol no I could never hurt the Boogie. She looks just like a forever kitten. It be like smacking a baby. Which I could never ever do. lol Plus it isn't her fault. She is mentally challenged so she gets a get out of jail free card. lol
I just checked on her and she is still snuggling cookie monster. And drooling lol.
parisqeen · 23 weeks ago
You're such a good cat mum you handled this in the best possible way. Maybe try cleaning her doll in the day next time so you don't have to worry about her becoming upset.
mrscollector · 23 weeks ago
Lol the problem really was trusting hubby to wash it lol but good news I found 2 extra identical pillows AND 3 cookie monster dolls. So back ups are on the way. I honestly should of done this before lol. This way if she has a night time "accident" which she has had in the past we will have clean replacements.
Thank you guys for all the kind words. We all help her. Even my other animals. Lol
It really is amazing seeing my other animals around her. It is like they all know she is "special". Honestly I just take care of her because she is such a sweet heart and so affectionate and from the day she first showed signs of being sick I knew she needed me.
All her other siblings are full size cats and though turns out her brother we kept has anxiety disorder the others turned out perfectly normal. So to see her permintly a kitten and have the mental ability of one as well. It just breaks my heart.
If you didn't know better you think she was just a kitten who isn't well trained.