Speaking of Bot problems
by ajhedges · 17 comments 3 days ago
ajhedges · 5 days ago
Anyone else notice the bots that comment as guests on old ass posts? On a few posts I've seen tons of comments all from guests, being their first comment, all saying the same types of things
captainjackharknes · 5 days ago
Probably can't tell which post are new or not
bethorien · 5 days ago
Either someone is hitting the site with bots or the new owner is boosting ad revenue with bots. Both are extremely bad
ajhedges · 5 days ago
Idk man, but this issue with the comments has been going on for a few years
tcole3710 · 5 days ago
There’s also been a sudden influx of guests posting things they claim are theirs, that are pretty obviously stolen.
hyperion · 4 days ago
I understood the joke of people just putting Title as the title. However, many old users have been posting with broken links and stuff.
ajhedges · 4 days ago
Shits all a little spooky, if they are taking over old accounts that’s pretty messed up
bethorien · 4 days ago
hyperion · 4 days ago
Yeah a lot of bot accounts are years old. Like 5 years old. All with about 400 posts and 10 comments
timebender25 · 4 days ago
Should we downvote all the bot posts to disuade them?
Or would that not work?
hyperion · 4 days ago
Nope. At this point. Us posting means nothing. The bots are the only thing holding this site up
grimreaper · 3 days ago
I guess it's a necessary evil, huh?
unicycle · 3 days ago
This site has literally always had accounts that only post, and that "steal" their posts from the popular pages of other meme sites with the same title and content. Take these accounts away, and you'd have like 10 posts a day, most of them shitty. Not all of them are bots, and none have been malicious, so it's far from the end of Funsubstance just because you only noticed this now.
grimreaper · 3 days ago
I mean we could just let those accounts sit there and rot but at least @ouranos, as I've come to calling him, is using them.
unicycle · 3 days ago
People on this site have whipped themselves up into a frenzy over the new owner and bots when: 1) the only real info we have is that the site was sold, 2) these "bot" type accounts have always existed and post the vast majority of content, 3) nothing malicious has happened with these accounts in the years that they've been posting.
chad_bullet · 3 days ago
This site has gone the way of hugelol. Shame.
hyperion · 3 days ago
It be like that. And here I was hoping to one day be a mod and help out the site. But if there are only about 40-50 users posting, what's the point.