captainjackharknes · 1 week ago
My dog loves it when you scratch his lower back, just above his tail. He has a little bit of a dry skin problem there, and his legs go jelly when someone scratches it for him.
mialinay · 1 week ago
My cat actually LOVES belly rubs and his long fur is in curls on his belly, and he's super soft and warm there :3
bethorien · 1 week ago
I haven't had a pet since i was a little girl but my first dog was a brown lab and he loved behind the ear scirtches
sassypotter · 1 week ago
My boy dog likes tickles between his front legs, and his sister likes it on her belly. And my rabbits like it behind their ears
bethorien · 1 week ago
pagesgoneby · 1 week ago
When you scratch my oldest guinea pig behind his neck it activates the Yawn Button. Do it too much though and the yawn is accompanied by much bitching.