thatguyyouknow · 22 weeks ago
I didn't know what i was watching, the movie confused me
the_grinch · 22 weeks ago
The movie is told is a split timeline format. Flashbacks and present time. When shes with 2
children, its present time
A woman who got knocked up by her roommate and is trying not to get attached to her baby so she wont feel bad when she gives it up. But creatures have attacked Earth and when a human looks at them, the creatures transform into your deepest fear or regret and attack you mentally. They cause your eyes to glaze over and you kill yourself because the human mind can't bear to resist the creatures.
Some humans manage to survive after looking upon the creatures, but they become slaves. Instruments of the creatures' will. The human slaves will find any and all survivors and force them to look upon the creatures causing the victim to either kill themselves or join their ranks.
When our main character finds refuge with a group of survivors, another pregnant woman begs her to watch her baby if something happens to her.
the_grinch · 22 weeks ago
The 2 babies grow up into the children our main is taking care of. She doesnt want to open herself to emotional vulnerability because the last time she did her roommate left her. Due to that, she calls the children Boy and Girl.
Eventually the movie focuses solely on the present and the woman needs to find sanctuary, but is afraid of seeing the creatures so she and the children blindfold themselves and head off to a sanctuary that announced its presence on a radio.
As they travel, they encounter the creatures, but the creatures cant attack physically so they pretend to be lost loved ones of their victims by changing their voices into ones that their victims can recognize. Our main character manages to resist, but becomes separated from the kids. She hears the boy talking and realize he might take off the blindfold. She yells, "Give me back my children!" Finally accepting them as her kids and her role as mother.
the_grinch · 22 weeks ago
That mental fortitude protects her from the creatures' mental intrusions, but she can still be affected if she looks at them. She and her kids finally reach the sanctuary. It's a home for the blind and they can never be affected by the creatures and are therefore the safest place on Earth. They have a big open garden in the middle of the complex and its filled with wild birds. Hence the title Bird Box. The birds are a warning sign that the creatures are near
That's the end of the movie
222daisy · 22 weeks ago
That was thorough and informative, thank you!
the_grinch · 22 weeks ago
Lol you're welcome
cakelover · 22 weeks ago
I enjoyed that description, thanks mate