jasonmon · 22 weeks ago
I wish I'd known that learning how money and business work is a lot more effective than higher education if you have drive and focus. I didn't get it until my final year in college :/
unicycle · 22 weeks ago
Sometimes people who love you will still hurt you, you're in charge of your own happiness, nobody knows what they're doing, staying in is usually more fun than going out, the times when you aren't being productive are usually the most healing and enriching, and absolutely no decision you make is irreversible.
xvarnah · 22 weeks ago
That justice isn't a guarantee, no matter how many childrens' movies and books and TV shows promise you it will be; the good guys don't always win. Karma doesn't always show up to avenge them when they don't.
Health is as important as happiness-- both in you and anyone you care about.
tbag2win · 22 weeks ago
Basically everything I know now, highschool would have been way different.
guest_ · 22 weeks ago
Nothing really. Think about it- knowing then what you know now would fundamentally alter not only the course of events that are your life, but also who you are as a person. Even if you say that you dislike your life or yourself so much that any possible change would be better- according to who? You. The you that you are based on choices you made. Another version of you might not feel the same would they? So really, to even make the decision you are making now is to invalidate your existence. Beyond that- if given the same choice would the you of the future having once made this decision and aware of the changes say you wished you knew better than to try and change what is done than adapt and move on in life?
mayflower10196 · 22 weeks ago
I wish someone had made it more clear to me in high school that college is optional. The only adult figures I had in my life that were successful without ever stepping foot on a University campus were my dad who struggled for years before getting lucky with a job in his 30s and my mom who actively struggles to support her kids but gets by. Everyone else was poor, so I ended up wasting time in college.
Basically I wish someone had told me that you can succeed without college if you aren't lazy.
parisqeen · 22 weeks ago
Every experience is a learning curve, bad or good. You're allowed to change your mind. Your own beauty is determined by you and you alone. It's okay to want and live a slow and peaceful life, other people's lives are not comparable to your own wants and needs. You're allowed to change, make mistakes, be human.
aviva · 22 weeks ago
Thanks for sharing, guys:)
@jasonmon A lot of people I know strongly believe education is the major key to success.
@unicycle Funny, I‘m going through something very similar right now.
@xvarnah True. I learned that the hard way.
@tbag2win Mind sharing?
@guest_ What about in a case where a person had been doing the wrong thing over and over and that eventually puts them in a situation they can‘t do anything to change/fix anything/it?
@mayflower10196 Please could you shed more light on what you mean?
@parisqeen Noted. Thanks for sharing.
tbag2win · 22 weeks ago
@aviva I wish I had better social skills(in person) like I do now(I'm terrible on here, but it does not reflect how I am in person). I would have liked to have had a better understanding of people and why they are the way they are. I wasn't an unpopular or popular person, I had friends in ever social group BUT if I had a better understanding of how people work, I feel I would have made better decisions in life. We're all make mistakes, I know, and life is a constant learning process. I just wish would also understood what was important and what wasn't. I'm kind of rambling but yeah lol