funkmasterrex · 22 weeks ago
If you install a new air conditioner, rip the fucking plastic off the logo. Going out for my after-poop stogie and having your fucking air conditioner melt plastic and blow it my face is fuckecd up.
I thought it was a fucking gas leak and was tripping cuz of this fucker... Fucking had to bloodhound that shit.
funkmasterrex · 22 weeks ago
Also found a potential pipe burst on the other side, but it's for the house next door on the other side. I tried knocking... if they don't appear in an hour or two I'll put a letter in their mailbox. Safety first, then teamwork.
funkmasterrex · 22 weeks ago
........fuck... Also reached my post limit again. @aviva about Cid/Sid, you good fam. @f__kyeahhamburg go seriously find fresh water. Water you don't have to boil.. now find enough for a million people. And guess what? Even after everything @guest_ said, you still need the fluoride. @timebender did you not check the ignition!? @ dudeman who's comment was deleted... I assume you were a bot, but still, for BONES THE CAT, LET US CROSS SWORDS!
funkmasterrex · 22 weeks ago
@lucky11 Fuck... you're technically correct. Well played.
funkmasterrex · 22 weeks ago
That's Batman's MO. Anyway, he's going to have these: @silvermyth
aviva · 22 weeks ago
@funkmasterrex Noted ^ยท^
silvermyth · 22 weeks ago
Ah darn. Key the car, then
awake_ash · 22 weeks ago
It's super cereal, I like your psa posts
timebender25 · 22 weeks ago
What ignition?
funkmasterrex · 22 weeks ago
super cereal to the max.