Funsubstance Appreciation Day! <3
by aviva · 145 comments 5 days ago
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aviva · 1 week ago
Oh lol. That went over my head
cakelover · 1 week ago
Stay innocent little one
There are very few like
cakelover · 1 week ago
rosalinas · 1 week ago
We were?
hyperion · 1 week ago
We aren't?
aviva · 1 week ago
t__v__t · 6 days ago
@aviva what you said just made me cry for over an hour! I don’t have any blood siblings and my actual true friends, not counting just about the whole military/ police force in my area, due to my dad and uncles, I don’t really have any true friends here. So when I was told about FS by my dad an uncle C. I really didn’t know anybody. But I’m so happy my dad met you an saw/felt what he did when he talked to you. An I’m glad my Uncle D gave me to push to talk to you an log onto my dads account here on FS. Cause now I feel the sense of true acceptance of friendship/ extended family like I never felt before. Thank you for accepting me as a lil Sis. Cause you are no doubt my Big Sis an I hold my head up high when I say that!! I will always have your six an will have your back. Thick or thin until the end! FAMILY!!
silvermyth · 6 days ago
@aviva Thanks for the mention, it’s so funny to realise that you are being thought of even when you aren’t present
creativedragonbaby · 6 days ago
I wish that happened with me....
vodka · 6 days ago
@Xvarnah @funkmasterrex you were seriously joking
Sorry I'm a day late but oh my god do I love this post.
This post is what the Funsub community is about. Eventhough I don't contribute that much, I am very appreciative of every single person on this website. I love the anekdotes like mrscollecters' and the ferocity of some discussion that are held. The big explanations like guest_ likes to write. The uplifting coversations when someone shares something sad and celebrations when something happy gets shared. I was quite afraid when the revelation came that zeus was selling/had sold funsub and with the overwhelming bot posts that many people started to leave. Funsub has been my beakon of light in days where I couldn't even cuddle my dog anymore because I was affraid to smother her in sadness, in the years I struggled to care for my family after mistakes were made, in the months I was feeling a bit better.
I hope the community never changes at heart and stays this positive.
aviva · 6 days ago
@t__v__t I‘ve run out of words, but I am REALLY glad that I got to know you guys. I‘m happy you feel that way now :) Thanks for making me your big sis ^^
I‘ll definitely always have your six. I‘ve got you think or thin until the end! FAMILY! <3
aviva · 6 days ago
@silvermyth You‘re welcome. *hugs*
xvarnah · 6 days ago
@vodka I'm not sure if we just made the same pun or not.
Either way that was a delightful comment to read. I admit things did get rocky when people started going nuts about funsub being sold. But, even though the community is a lot smaller, it feels like we're still thriving. Yes, there's still a lot of bots among us, but if we just pretend we live in Detroit that part isn't so bad. I'm glad we've all managed to keep this little corner of the Internet as a safe Haven for the people who find it. Even on dark days we still have that
pokethebear · 6 days ago
@aviva My only claim to fame is I remind you of @veryhairybeary who in turn reminds you of @haribo. So i remind you of someone who reminds you of something that causes severe diarrhea in 1/10 of the population. I must say I am flattered.
aviva · 6 days ago
@pokethebear I thought hirsute meant hairy? What causes severe diarrhea? :/ I‘m so sorry. That‘s not what I meant. I can redo it
aviva · 6 days ago
@Pokethebear Sorry about earlier. You‘re an awesome person. I take back what I said if it offended you.
@Veryhairybeary You have an awesome personality. You‘re great to talk to.
@Granlobomalo I love your sense of humor
pokethebear · 6 days ago
I thought it was @haribo you referenced. I assume that user name is in reference to the Haribo sugar free gummy bears that ruin your colon.
aviva · 6 days ago
Oh lol. It‘s the first time I‘ve heard of it
t__v__t · 6 days ago
@aviva ran out of words so I guess I gotta give my Big Sis a BIGOL *HUG*!!!!!!!!
aviva · 5 days ago
@T__v__t Aww. *Hugs*