savage_demmigod · 28 weeks ago
He's not the best or worst person but I definitely don't think he should be running a country
typow777 · 28 weeks ago
So many issues to list in my opinion. Only two more years ... The one that matters most is unification. Americans need to get along with Americans... What a thought. It's a damn shame whats happening all over the world while we can only bicker over petty things in our country ... The biggest issue I'm concerned over is the planets health. Denying climate at this point is just lying to yourself. 99% of scientists over the entire world cannot be wrong. Regardless of man made or not (definitely is) we should be trying to save whats left. Our kids and definitely grandkids could very likely only see rats and pigeons as wild animals. Damn shame
the_grinch · 28 weeks ago
Technically hes done alright as a president, but hes 100% a bad person.
A leader who speaks before knowing the facts, and then lying about not saying that stuff regardless of how many cameras captures him saying such stuff, is not fit to run a country.
He is dividing us on hate and prejudice. Us against them. Republicans vs Democrats
Hes a man child "I wont open the govt until I get my wall"
Treats women with blatant disrespect
"Locker room talked " about groping women
Has clear ties with Russia
He doesn't know when to shut the fuck up
He lies all the time on camera and calls it fake news when people use his own words against him
I seriously cant wait till the next election
silvermyth · 27 weeks ago
He's not fit for the job