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chocolatefeces · 6 days ago
Find a way to break the law and either sneak or steal some alcohol from a parent, sibling, or friend. Or have someone but you some, or buy some yourself with a fake ID. Not being old enough to drink is a gift, it adds a level of thrill, fun and danger that is completely gone once you're of age. If you're younger than like 14, maybe go bowling or something though. Don't want to hurt that developing brain.
flyingoctopus · 6 days ago
You're too young to 'legally' and have alcohol hint hint.
abhinnav · 6 days ago
Just hang out with your friends and family, and have fun. You can save “alcomahol” for later.
lihea · 6 days ago
I'll let Tape Face show you what would make an awesome addition to any birthday party (take note of the music, it is CRUCIAL):
lihea · 6 days ago
**SKIP FORWARD past the street Q&A
who_cares · 6 days ago
Plan your day and then see how nothing goes according to the plan at all on your birthday.
who_cares · 6 days ago
I guess hang out ith friends at some nice place or go watching a movie or by the beach.
moth · 6 days ago
depends on how old you are?
creativedragonbaby · 6 days ago
@lihea I've seen all the tape face videos bruh.
I don't think my friends would be comfortable doing it either
@chocolatefeces I am a law-abiding citizen. Also, alcohol distracts me from nerding out with my friends. Can't strategise your move in MTG when you're drunk
Tbh I should probably just do what we do at everyone's birthday.
Get a bunch of games and play them.
I just wanted something a lil bit different....
mrsuperman8942 · 6 days ago
play smash brothers for the entire week before, then at your birthday party you can invite all your friends over (assuming you have any of those) then with all of your newfound practice, you can annihilate them in a tournement.
parisqeen · 6 days ago
Alcomahol is for when you run out of fun birthday ideas. Real fun is when you rent a bouncy castle, that's what I did for my 16th and you're NEVER too old for a bouncy castle. Paintball is awesome, same with laser tag. If it's hot you could do a pool party (if you don't have a pool you can go to a public one). Picnic with boardgames is chill and cute. It just depends on what you're feeling and how much effort you want to put in, no pressure to do anything fancy.
creativedragonbaby · 5 days ago
Well, I keep tryna have a pool party but one of my friends is a pale stick so he won’t swim. Laser tag is a good idea.... board games is always default lol
catfluff · 5 days ago
You don't need alcohol to have fun.
As an alternative to laser tag you can also add "laser beams" in the hallway with wool in a complex pattern, and whoever gets through the fastest without touching any of the "beams" wins. You can even have a scoreboard with
catfluff · 5 days ago
*multiple games and activities and then you can compete, total winner gets some privilege like getting to choose the next activity from a predetermined list
catfluff · 5 days ago
You can even add this to boardgames and pc games, and lan or co-op things like diablo, guitar hero, age of empires or killing floor
creativedragonbaby · 5 days ago
*looks at my Poor Person certificate* I can’t afford fancy games
mrsuperman8942 · 5 days ago
@catfluff whats wrong with smash bros?
catfluff · 5 days ago
I've never played it or heard of more than the name of it, so I can't say anything about it.
catfluff · 5 days ago
*grins evilly* who said anything about legal
catfluff · 5 days ago
Although, you can print your own Cards against Humanity on paper, and even make custom ones.