Tell me your story.
by idkanymore · 10 comments 27 weeks ago
idkanymore · 27 weeks ago
Funsub, we’ve been here a while. Tell me your story, how you came here, why you stayed, all the relationships and everything that you’ve made.
dimebag · 27 weeks ago
A friend told me about it. I have no idea if she still uses the site, but I've stuck around. I don't post or comment often enough to have made many real friendships I guess.
rydler · 27 weeks ago
Not really much of a story here, sorry
But, I followed some watermarks during school and found this place. At school, i was really quiet and this place let me talk more. I first met @grimreaper and @spookykink57. I didn't post much, and still don't, but the chat and comments sections were always fun and interesting. I stuck around because i genuinely love being here. Everyone is so nice, and everyone just seems all around awesome. I have yet to meet everbody here, but they seem cool from what I've seen. I've made quite a few friends here, but I'm not great with spelling their usernames sorry. I moved schools and have been doing more outside of here than on here, and i miss being around more.
This place is awesome and i love it and everyone
deleted · 27 weeks ago
I came here from a repost on 9gag about three or four years ago
cakelover · 27 weeks ago
A fellow student showed me this website in my medical science class
We didn't get a lot of work done during those lessons
That was back in 2014
Been here ever since
Best internet community around
dr_richard_ew · 27 weeks ago
I was looking up funny pictures on a website called imgfave. I kept seeing the fs watermark, so I followed it here. A few years of lurking later I decided to make an account.
Now eeeeeveryone loves me (says my ego)
And I loooooove everyone too <3 <3 <3
grimreaper · 27 weeks ago
Looking up memes on google. Found a funsubstance watermark and followed it down the rabbit hole. Was a guest for a few months, became a user, started a rivalry with @funsubstanceuser, and the rest is history.
deleted · 27 weeks ago
Aw man, @rydler, love you too mate. It feel a little warm to know that my worthless holds some value in someone else's life.
rydler · 27 weeks ago
Love ya Spook!!!
deleted · 27 weeks ago
Worthless life*
And for me, I was just randomly searching for memes and came across a few with the FS watermark. Was a guest for around 1 1/2-2 years and then I became a member and it's amazing.