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by funkmasterrex · 8 comments 4 days ago
funkmasterrex · 5 days ago
So... you know that place in The Odyssey? Where they eat the lotus flowers and lose track of time? Homie was supposed to wake me up at 11AM so I could get him to work.... I woke up at like 2PM and dude was still passed out. This might be the 3rd job he's gotten fired from because this happens. I've already gotten him two other jobs before... I dunno if I can pull another one out my ass.
funkmasterrex · 5 days ago
update: he kept the job but he forgot his hat lol.
silvermyth · 5 days ago
Does he sleep through alarms?
funkmasterrex · 5 days ago
apparently we both do.
funkmasterrex · 4 days ago
.....I shit you not my alarm just went off. I switched AM and PM on accident.
under_fire · 4 days ago
Oof. I feel your pain.
silvermyth · 4 days ago
Switching to 24 is good for that
funkmasterrex · 4 days ago
Yeah, lol.