xvarnah · 27 weeks ago
I honestly wouldn't worry about it. I wouldn't be surprised if I reposted my own posts tbh
guest_ · 27 weeks ago
lol. Don’t trip too hard. People repost all the time, and any meme either dies on fresh or lives long enough to be a repost. You see something you like and want to share- then you share it, and maybe someone recently you didn’t see did too. That’s ok. As long as we do our best not to repost or chronically repost- a few feathers might get ruffled here and there but you were trying to do something nice. Think of it this way- if your parent/friend/partner/etc gets you a gift of a toy, book, or alblum you already had- it can kinda suck, but they know you enough to knownyoud like it and they thought of you enough to pick it out.
pokethebear · 27 weeks ago
The only people who notice are those that see EVERY post. Most of us do not. Most of us just keep scrolling.
deleted · 27 weeks ago
I specifically don't mind reposts. The watermarks are what kinda ruffles my feathers err...fur. Even when I get an image from FS, i crop the wm.
mrfahrenheit · 27 weeks ago
its fine, just remember to crop!
memedreams · 27 weeks ago
Thanks guys!