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grimreaper · 10 weeks ago
Better than okay
butterflyer99123 · 10 weeks ago
klymaxx · 10 weeks ago
Amazing :^) And how are you?
properchaos · 10 weeks ago
It was my cake day this week and I'm loving life!
ratfink11 · 10 weeks ago
Im do much better actually. How are you??
condor1990 · 10 weeks ago
Massively stressed out due to irl issues but otherwise not too bad
riyriamistborn · 10 weeks ago
Just finished a book and trying not to cry at the end, so... Maybe?
riyriamistborn · 10 weeks ago
Also while listening to this
parisqeen · 10 weeks ago
@condor1990 wanna talk about it? anything we can help with?
And I'm doing alright thanks, just getting used to studying again it feels weird
condor1990 · 10 weeks ago
@parisqueen it's ok i will be fine just need a decent chill out with some music and my cat to fuss
parisqeen · 10 weeks ago
That sounds like a solid plan, take your time and maybe cry a little, it's amazing how much better you feel after crying
butterflyer99123 · 10 weeks ago
I'm glad y'all are all ok :) i'm doing good myself
cliquegeek · 10 weeks ago
Better now u asked :3
funkmasterrex · 9 weeks ago
My friend (not even my best one) just trusted with me with guarding the weed until he's off work... before I knew he already filled my pipe. That's trust. Amazing trust. I'm good. I'm proud of myself.
butterflyer99123 · 9 weeks ago
thumbs up to you man
rydler · 9 weeks ago
@riyriamistborn which book?
I've been doing well. Stressed about an upcoming show, but otherwise fine
riyriamistborn · 9 weeks ago
@rydler Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds. It's by Sanderson. :)
rydler · 9 weeks ago
Next on my list.
I finished the Cosmere and now I'm.... Sad
riyriamistborn · 9 weeks ago
Check out Riyria Revelations by Michael J Sullivan. They're pretty entertaining too!
rydler · 9 weeks ago
Will do!