Has anyone else noticed less ads?
by hydrofalcon · 12 comments 23 weeks ago
hydrofalcon · 23 weeks ago
I don’t know about you guys but ever since I saw a few posts, chats, and people complaining about the ads they have stopped for me. Occasionally there are a few but usually it’s back to the regular one at the bottom and sometimes one at the top. No in between posts or chats. Is this just me or as anyone else noticed this?
riyriamistborn · 23 weeks ago
Nope, I have 3 on this page
cakelover · 23 weeks ago
Yes, I'm fun at parties
xvarnah · 23 weeks ago
Seconding what riyriamistborn said
grimreaper · 23 weeks ago
I've noticed 0 new ads.
funny_steph · 23 weeks ago
I have more ads than content fml
maebubbles · 23 weeks ago
I just keep reporting all of them. I’m tired of seeing them and they keep making all of the images one to two ads apart.
alekazam · 23 weeks ago
I’m seeing a lot more. And this is the first I’ve seen them in the middle of comments and posts
rosalinas · 23 weeks ago
I just installed adblock yesterday so
pokethebear · 23 weeks ago
I have not been here for a few weeks. I have never seen this many ads on this site. I’m sad. This isn’t fun anymore. I can’t make the lower banner ad go away. There’s an ad between every third and fourth post. WHYYYYYYYY?!
riyriamistborn · 23 weeks ago
I can't even read some comments because of that bottom ad
grimreaper · 22 weeks ago
The ads have finally hit your boy