Daily Dose of Doggo?
by hydrofalcon · 8 comments 9 weeks ago
hydrofalcon · 10 weeks ago
Would anyone be interested in a Daily/ Weekly dose of doggo (or other pets) that I’d be posting?
parisqeen · 10 weeks ago
Yes. 110% very okay with this idea.
sinderella · 10 weeks ago
Agreed! :D Think I could contribute too?
keaka · 10 weeks ago
Bring the good bois forth!
hydrofalcon · 10 weeks ago
@sinderella Of course!
internet · 10 weeks ago
I'm onboard with anything that includes cute shit
sinderella · 10 weeks ago
@hydrofalcon LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!
riyriamistborn · 9 weeks ago
Yes! Also, very much not so... I just made the decision to have my 15 year old dog put down before my birthday next month, so each dog post is like a tiny stab to the heart...