The FCOM Project: Revival
by grimreaper · 76 comments 1 week ago
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calvinoot · 1 week ago
Yeah it sounds similar but probs has more stuff. :)
grimreaper · 1 week ago
@firmlee_grasspit has joined FCOM
@aviva has earned the nickname "Cryptek"
aviva · 1 week ago
grimreaper · 1 week ago
@calvinoot has joined FCOM
grimreaper · 1 week ago
@firmlee_grasspit has earned the nickname "Warlord"
calvinoot · 1 week ago
bethorien · 1 week ago
how many kills does everyone have grim?
grimreaper · 18 hours ago
Bad news folks. All my progress has been lost and we have to start all over. Forgot that playing WOC on Ironman is a bad idea.
firmlee_grasspit · 18 hours ago
Ah, for one second, I felt powerful. Oh well.
grimreaper · 17 hours ago
@mialinay has earned the nickname "Prophet"
grimreaper · 17 hours ago
You will become powerful, friend.
firmlee_grasspit · 17 hours ago
That feels so good coming from you!
grimreaper · 17 hours ago
And you've rejoined the FCOM Project
firmlee_grasspit · 17 hours ago
creativedragonbaby · 12 hours ago
savage_demmigod · 12 hours ago
Mission: failed. Well get em next time
You got this good luuuuck
grimreaper · 48 minutes ago
We just failed our first mission boyos. @mrfarenheit and The Guest were captured.
mrfahrenheit · 47 minutes ago
oh no
xvarnah · 16 minutes ago
Can we send reinforcements?
grimreaper · 10 minutes ago
We'll have to send some guys on a mission to recover them. Also @aviva has earned the nickname "Voodoo".