savage_demmigod · 1 week ago
I am a total newbie but I would really love to join a dnd group! Please let me know if you know anyone who is interested or if you are willing to take me in
creativedragonbaby · 1 week ago
There are websites where you can apply for an online dnd group.
And by apply you need to make an application it’s weird
savage_demmigod · 1 week ago
Yeah I've been doing some googling but I figured I might ask here as I like a lot of the people on this site. But I am looking on other websites too :D
lolcats121 · 6 days ago
I'd love to play as well but i'm a noob and i'm really stupid and dnd is really complicated from what i've seen.
savage_demmigod · 6 days ago
Practice makes perfect though right? That's what I'm looking for; just a safe space to be able to learn how it works and all that jazz
creativedragonbaby · 6 days ago
Oh I can tell you how it works fam
creativedragonbaby · 6 days ago
If I were less busy I’d DM
savage_demmigod · 6 days ago
That would be amazing
creativedragonbaby · 5 days ago
If you make a profile on dndbeyond they have some good ways to help you figure out the game and make a character :P
creativedragonbaby · 5 days ago
If you want me to explain the rules and the basic premise just lemme know
grimreaper · 5 days ago
I found that subreddit I mentioned
savage_demmigod · 5 days ago
Yaaaay!!! You human beans are wonderful
Thank you so much!
@creativedragonbaby I will definitely take you up on that offer sometime soon! Thank youuu