I'm looking for new websites to visit
by m · 17 comments 1 year ago
m · 1 year ago
I legit only look at 4 websites and it's getting kind of boring.
popsy · 1 year ago
Dump a day
dr_richard_ew · 1 year ago
catfluff · 1 year ago
Can really recommend "the useless web" as well
funkmasterrex · 1 year ago
cryscross · 1 year ago
https://m.webtoons.com/en/. Space boy is especially good
m · 1 year ago
I'll check them out. Thanks! I'm open to more suggestions, though. :)
scatmandingo · 1 year ago
Fark and TheChive are still good now and again.
juliesmash · 1 year ago
Iwastesomuchmoney.com and iwastesomuchtime.com
ratfink11 · 1 year ago
Im the same way. I look at about 2 or 3 sites and thats it. I rescue animals so i dont want any sites that have any bad things happening to animals and i get pretty sick and tired of seeing scantily clad women, thats why i love funsubstance. Im not a prude or anything, i just dont need anymore negativity in my life. I like failbook / failblog and now i like dump a day and i waste so much time. Thanks for sharing!
popsy · 1 year ago
Dump a Day is kind of a cleaner version of Funsubstance.
norwegiangirl · 1 year ago
Stumbleupon.com is great and a really cool consept. Haven’t used it in a while though, and it seems like it has been moved to something called mix. But stumbleupon is still up and links you to the new site it seems. And geoguessr is great and so much fun