by chu · 15 comments 15 weeks ago
scurvyknave · 15 weeks ago
mrfahrenheit · 15 weeks ago
rosalinas · 15 weeks ago
does any of you actually know who this guy is??? it has been forever!
catfluff · 15 weeks ago
CONGRATULATIONS!! What is your degree?
parisqeen · 15 weeks ago
Congrats!!!!!!!!! That's so exciting what a milestone @rosalinas yeah, he hasn't been on for god damn years.
metalman · 15 weeks ago
Tylerchu raised from the grave and went back into it all in the same breath
parisqeen · 15 weeks ago
We'll have to wait another 20 years for his next resurrection
sm19 · 15 weeks ago
YAAAAAAAS GOOD JOB DUDE!!! What was your degree :D I finished my honours psych this year so I am on your wavelength!!
chu · 15 weeks ago
@catfluff @sm19 materials science and engineering
chu · 15 weeks ago
from Washington State University
that_creepy_guy · 15 weeks ago
It's weird seeing you back on this site, it's been so long. and congrats my dude!! :D
catfluff · 15 weeks ago
Wow, awesome man! @sm19 congrats, I finished mine the year before last, too. What are your next plans?
sm19 · 15 weeks ago
@chu nice!!!! What kind of engineering? :D
somespanishguy · 15 weeks ago
Congrats man!