Unpopular Opinion
by the_grinch · 15 comments 15 weeks ago
the_grinch · 15 weeks ago
Since SEGA and the film animators are changing how Sonic looks we should all support the movie because they literally didnt have to do that
condor1990 · 15 weeks ago
Depends on if they still find a way to fuck it up
unklethan · 15 weeks ago
I agree with both of the above comments
unicycle · 15 weeks ago
Unless the original design was some sort of publicity stunt and they made the movie with a better looking Sonic all along, then everyone should absolutely support the animators who are going to work impossible hours to make the rapidly-approaching release date.
awake_ash · 15 weeks ago
Who talked about music? Lmao
parisqeen · 15 weeks ago
Yeah where did that music comment come from but okay haha
I agree with everyone else that we should appreciate the animators for listening and actually making a change but a few of my friends and myself included think it's just a publicity stunt. A pretty good one if it is tbh.
internet · 15 weeks ago
I honestly wanted to see the original version for the meme potential, but now I'm not sure if I'm gonna watch it
the_grinch · 15 weeks ago
If it's a stunt then it's a very expensive one UNLESS the trailer was a text and they actually have a different sonic the whole time
funkmasterrex · 15 weeks ago
I figured out what bothered me so much. His hands and feet are fucking tiny... and his arms/legs could be slightly longer, but it's the hands and feet.
I'm fine with his face, and I've gotten past the no dick thing. HANDS AND FEET.
Trust me, once you see it....
funkmasterrex · 15 weeks ago
@unicycle yeah, they need some over-time x5 paychecks. I can't imagine the stress for those guys
mrfahrenheit · 15 weeks ago
I think the no dick thing is for the best. Besides the obvious rating kerfuffle, you'd also have to tell your team of animators to work on dick physics for a cartoon hedgehog
timebender25 · 15 weeks ago
I don't think that's unpopular. They have to like, rework the entire fucking movie and bust animator ass to do it.
If the bad design was a stunt, then they've 100% have a better design ready this entire time. If they don't they're lying about it being a stunt.
pripyatplatypus · 15 weeks ago
I mean, what if the movie is terrible? Should we support it then?
timebender25 · 15 weeks ago
We're not forever indebted to server a thing.
If it comes out terrible, we're allowed to change our mind.
the_grinch · 15 weeks ago
Yee we just have to show support that they're putting in the extra effort to please us but if it still sucks then PREPARE THE GALLOWS BOAHS