unicornpoop1 · 14 weeks ago
is when people bump into you and then they expect "you" to say sorry
honeybumblebee · 14 weeks ago
People that chew with their mouths open. I understand if you're a toddler or special needs those are the only exception.
mrfahrenheit · 14 weeks ago
karlboll · 14 weeks ago
The willful ignorance and preference toward complaining rather than seeking to understand and doing something productive. I've dedicated the last fifteen years of my life to non government organisations creating safe spaces for those in need, free gym for a neighborhood and a bunch of other stuff. While people appreciate this and make use of it many quite carelessly say things like "we should do this thing I just thought of, that would be great" to which the answer "yes, great idea. make it happen" .. *chirping crickets* because they didn't think they'd have to do anything and then they complain that we're not "doing the thing they suggested. Bitch, I made this happen so that you'd have somewhere to complain. Do something yourself and contribute for once in your life. But they won't because they prefer not to understand that some of us put time, money and effort into making things happen for them. GAAAAWWWD I HATE THOSE PEOPLE!!
karlboll · 14 weeks ago
And don't get me started on people who thinks voting doesn't matter and then goes off to vote for the biggest bastard they can find because they want to "stir the pot".
quebecyank · 14 weeks ago
People who park their cars in my apartment building's parking lot, even though they don't live here. And then argue and swear at me, when I show them the sign that says their car can be towed.
calvinoot · 14 weeks ago
People who think arguing is an art and that you can 'win' an argument.
lihea · 13 weeks ago
I hate people that block entire aisles at the grocery store to have some long ass conversation. Like, cool you ran into your long lost neighbor, but how about you move to the side so the rest of us can do a bit of shopping?
rosalinas · 13 weeks ago
People who think you ought to do them favour bc you can.
Like fuck off, I don't wanna and I won't