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by deleted · 15 comments 13 weeks ago
deleted · 14 weeks ago
So these past few days I have been looking at a lot of photos of attractive people and I must say, most of them are pretty generic. Like, no doubt they are handsome/beautiful. But they are just so generic. You won't remember after 5 seconds.
Case in point:
Luke and Liam Hemsworth. They are massively attractive. But honestly, who remembers them? Everybody remembers Chris cause of his Charisma.
Another example:
Megan Fox. She's so attractive, but so generically so.
Another example:
All the Instagram models. Guys and gals. They all look like they were made in a factory.
Now I am not saying that they are not attractive. I am saying that they are quite forgetful.
savage_demmigod · 14 weeks ago
Isn't it said that the more symmetrical a face is the more 'attractive' it is? Perhaps a really symmetrical face is easy to forget because it doesn't have any standout-y characteristics?
deleted · 14 weeks ago
I think so. I don't know if other people have noticed this, but I have been thinking about this.
Or maybe I am just getting too hung up on it.
dr_richard_ew · 14 weeks ago
My face isn't symmetrical. Does that mean I'm attractive?
honeybumblebee · 14 weeks ago
They are easily forgetful because they have no other traits/personality. Now referring to actors/actress wise many of them are just there to look pretty. That is basically it. If they were removed from the movie/story there would be no change to the plot. They would make no significant changes or alteration upon the story. The entire point to these kind of people is just to give the audience that isn't paying too much attention some eye candy and nothing more.
rosalinas · 14 weeks ago
If you look up the most attractive person, you'd be surprised how "average" they are.
Bc they are average! So most peopel can find them good-looking.
If you find someone extremely pretty to your own personal taste, someone gonna find them ugly to their own taste.
So the most generally attractive people are usually just plain.
But again, I forget most people no matter what if I just come across them a few times, even if they are goodlooking.
Not worthy to be remembered that's how I see most people.
deleted · 14 weeks ago
I agree with both of the above statements. We tend to forget people who don't have personality. That's why we only remember Chris from the Hemsworth brothers.
Also, yeah I mean, if everyone is attractive then no is, kinda situation also plays out.
parisqeen · 14 weeks ago
I agree with ross except for the last sentence. Personally, I don't find someone attractive UNLESS they have a good personality. I find it very hard to get a grasp on that person if I only see a face (like a photo or something) cause that's all it is, a face. Maybe that's just my personal values coming into play. Of course that doesn't mean I can't look at someone and be like "wow they're pretty", I just find it hard to remember or find them beautiful without a body of personality behind the face.
funkmasterrex · 14 weeks ago
Megan Fox is actually awesome. She's not as vapid as you think. I don't agree with some of her superstitions (some of which are really weird and are only psychological, which she even admits too)... but dude... Fuck Michael Bay.... he treated her like ass candy.
funkmasterrex · 14 weeks ago
....She is fine as fuck though
dr_richard_ew · 14 weeks ago
Is that a no?
funkmasterrex · 14 weeks ago
@dr_richard_ew perfect symmetry is actually unattractive. It creates a sort of reverse uncanny valley effect. Since 99.99% of people don't have perfect symmetry, the ones with it tend to become almost alien. This isn't even restricted to people... it happens in animals and even buildings. There's a reason the Taj Mahal is considered so beautiful, and it's not about the massive amount of marble, but rather the fact that with first glance it looks symmetrical, it actually isn't. It's very subtle.
dr_richard_ew · 14 weeks ago
Huh, neat
taeminnieah · 14 weeks ago
I agree, every once in a while, there are attractive people that stand out because there is just something that disables all comparisons, like, there is not a look alike or their personalities also attract you to some extent(?)
I think yes, beautiful profiles are mostly generic because, what most find beautiful is guided by a mold or an example. So they try to replicate. Not saying they are not attractive either, im not one to say that jaja
calvinoot · 13 weeks ago
You can actually find this channel that edits people to this new 'perfect' face base, they have done shrek and a load of disney characters and honestly I never know how to feel afterwards. It is certainly weird. Then again I haven't really found anyone 'attractive' before.