dogscruff · 14 weeks ago
condor1990 · 14 weeks ago
Yesterday i got the ads that try and redirect away from the site luckily they were picked up as an unsafe site. Be sure to leave feedback before you go to let them/him/her know exactly how you feel
hyperion · 14 weeks ago
Goodbye space cowboy, for sims reason I dont get ads on PC be cause my antivirus doesn't like them
calvinoot · 14 weeks ago
Adblocker? You don't have to go! Adblocker plus has never once given me an ad on this site!
bethorien · 13 weeks ago
i use an ad blocker (technically i use two just cause neither catch all of them but their overlap seems to) but with either one alone works perfectly fine for not getting ads here and im guess it even speeds up the site for me cause when i tested using a plug-in free chrome to get here it froze my computer from how many ads i got
calvinoot · 13 weeks ago
Really?! Oh geez, I get how this site needs to pay the bills and all but the creators are at least aware of the frustration the ads are causing right???
condor1990 · 13 weeks ago
They should be aware many have vented their frustrations via the feedback form and also in posts