calvinoot · 2 weeks ago
Lads... IT HAD A BAD ENDING!!! A cartoon to end without a happily ever after? Awesome! :D
parisqeen · 2 weeks ago
Can confirm. Was there and it was brilliantly done keeping that meta-ness I love about this cartoon.
who_cares · 2 weeks ago
I missed it. I need to see it too but truly Amazing world of Gumball has a totally different fanbase and I love it.
calvinoot · 2 weeks ago
:( I think you can watch it online if u missed it? Dailymotion has it pretty sure
who_cares · 2 weeks ago
Will just go through once but can you help with the link?
calvinoot · 1 week ago
Try this one? I can't check it right now but I think that's what I used.
who_cares · 1 week ago
It works. Thankyou so much.