annieuhuh · 14 weeks ago
Chocolate and any kind of sugar is dangerous for dogs...! Just because he likes it doesn't mean it is good for him
thatguyyouknow · 14 weeks ago
You're such an idiot for giving your dog chocolate
parisqeen · 14 weeks ago
Listen, I know you mean well and you love your dog. It's adorable seeing them happy but no, chocolate is toxic to dogs. Grapes are toxic to dogs. Heaps of things are toxic to dogs just like some berries kill humans.
peachyy · 14 weeks ago
Please don't give your dog chocolate as it can kill him! Just give him xylitol free peanut butter if you want to give him a treat.
natethegreat · 14 weeks ago
Y'all can relax, I am aware that dogs can die from too much chocolate, just like humans can die from too much alcohol.
Doggo is healthy, smiling happier than heck and I don't plan on giving 'em any more chocolate, so chill, put the phone down, we don't have to dial 911 or PETA, all is good in the world of doggo.
You are allowed to laugh now.
unicycle · 14 weeks ago
It's not like alcohol, it's more akin to cyanide: a small dose will kill some people, larger amounts are guaranteed to kill almost anyone. The compound is chocolate is poison to dogs - I can't understand why a responsible pet owner would give ANY amount to their dog. Especially since there are so many treats your dog will go just as nuts for that have a 0% chance of killing them. Seriously, just give them anything else, the dog won't know the difference and you won't look like a complete idiot.
calvinoot · 14 weeks ago
Pls no you are hurting your doggo, this is no joke you're dog could die smiling please do not feed them chocolate again. Pufferfish can be eaten by humans and tastes great but that has a high chance of killing you, same goes for chocolate and dogs.