New sword and shield direct was awesome
by deleted · 7 comments 18 weeks ago
signaturefox2013 · 18 weeks ago
Yes, yes it was
1_puma · 18 weeks ago
I’m excited for large and thicc bois this gen
dr_richard_ew · 18 weeks ago
This gen is giving me so many ideas for team themes.
Dark souls theme?
Kaiju theme?
Cryptid theme?
So many great options!
tcole3710 · 18 weeks ago
I love the sword pupper, Zacian. He looks like somewhere between a Lycanroc and Xerneas.
tcole3710 · 18 weeks ago
Also, can we talk about Dynamaxing? Can you imagine the size of a Dynamax Wailord?
1_puma · 18 weeks ago
Shiny Dynamax Wailord is the ender of worlds.
the_grinch · 18 weeks ago
I'm 200% buying Sword. I cant fucking wait for this game to come out. I'm scared that theres going to be SEVERE hand holding like sun and moon