m · 11 weeks ago
My husband loves that show. I just could never get into it. I really like crime shows but adding the supernatural element just was meh for me. My best recommendation is watch a few episodes and then decide.
unklethan · 11 weeks ago
I tried it, wanted to enjoy the concept, but it's just another buddy cop show with one character who has slightly superhuman powers.
My opinion: so it, and watch Psych all over again
the_grinch · 11 weeks ago
,It's awesome, but season 4 slows everything down
pinballwzrd · 11 weeks ago
Honestly, I wanted to like it. It has an okay premise, but I feel like Chloe, the main character is as expressive as a piece of cardboard.
nightkami · 11 weeks ago
Watching Chloe in any of those 'behind the episodes' things, you can tell she's not the brightest bulb. It's a joke among the cast that she always forgets her lines.
nightkami · 11 weeks ago
They definitely had to stop it at season 4 when they even started making jokes about the whole procedural-ness of their show. Lucifer literally just called out each step of the episode before they did it.
asteroid · 11 weeks ago
The actor playing Lucifer is great. The show is good but I wanted more supernatural power from him. Much more