awake_ash · 10 weeks ago
I have almost no knowledge about this situation but there a shit ton of videos popping out and I want to know some of it but I feel like one can't trust the media right now. Some say the Philippines accepted the garbage in exchange for money, some say it was Canada and some other countries from the Americas delivering garbage to the Philippines and treating the country like a dumpster
awake_ash · 10 weeks ago
I want to know what you guys think, maybe Rosalinas can give us a hindsight on what's going on right now and who's to blame
rosalinas · 10 weeks ago
Rosalinas is overwhelmed by the expectations that she actually possesses useful information
awake_ash · 10 weeks ago
Interesting, care to give some info?
rosalinas · 10 weeks ago
Finnnnneeee (doesn't the news on your side cover most of it also?)
Long story short, Canada (and many other countries including USA, Japan, Singapore, China, etc) has been dumping garbage (plastic especially, both recyclable and non-recyclable) under the name of "exporting" as they, the Canada government, informed that it was private operations, not the government, doing and they had nothing to do with it. (Which I don't fucking buy! Like who do they think we are??? The government has eye on every single citizen but doesn't have a clue that a few million tons of garbage just left their country???)
Anyways, this kind of "importing" has been going for a very long time now (not only in Philippines but Malaysia and Vietnam too), in fact, there were about 26 containers (the big ones) sitting around for the last 6 years in Philippines. Talking about importing those garbage but there was no-one that came out to receive it, so what the shipping company did? They just left it there.
rosalinas · 10 weeks ago
The last straw (in my opinion) was It came out that it wasn't just plastic, there were toxic garbage too.
Philippines president, Mr Rodrigo Duterte, has always been pretty hardcode in the matter (he even said to declare "War" if Canada chose not to repsond) so he put it into action. In 2015, Philippines came to the decision of transporting half of the amount of garbage back to Canada (whether they wanted it or not) but due to Canada law, it was postpone til this year and not long ago, 69 containers were taking back to Canada officially.
rosalinas · 10 weeks ago
This is basically it. (Some information can be a little ehhh)
Look, all the informations we can possible get is from the news, what we choose to believe is on us.
1. Is money involved? Idk maybe? Possibly? Probably? This has been going on for a very long time, there must be reason for it to take so long to take action than just the decision in 2016, as said above, and then once again took even 3 more years to finally be carry on (Canada law forbids to take back their own trash???). It just doesn't sound right to me.
2. Private operation my ass!
Even if it's private, it's only a private name on the paper when the trash was being exported to Philippines.
And if it's truly private, why Canada gorvemen is paying thr shippibg fee and consequence but not the private company that did it? Why isn't anyone being called out?
Whatever the reason was, I think there is one thing we can all agree on is that they know. Both sides know what's going on and they either take years to handle it
rosalinas · 10 weeks ago
Or choose to ignore it till they couldn't anymore.
The more I think about, the more upset I am.
So that's my 2 cents.
Id love to hear what the media on your side has been saying.
awake_ash · 10 weeks ago
Sorry to tell you this but in México the media seems to not care about this incident
laughwendylaugh · 10 weeks ago
Canadian here, it was a private company that was shipping the garbage overseas. The company has since gone bankrupt and the owner has left the country.