by funkmasterrex · 12 comments 5 days ago
funkmasterrex · 1 week ago
@spookykink57 so you know how we were talking about that Doom trilogy? I woke up from a dream and figured out the perfect song for his fall from grace.
Wait for it....
REM Losing my Religion.
Nearly every lyric lines up perfectly... and what a song who is turning into the bad guy while fighting the devil lmao
spookykink57 · 6 days ago
Goddamn, it's a sweet song. And I can kinda see Doom in it.
funkmasterrex · 6 days ago
I think what it does best is that it, as dark as the fall from grace into even further depths beyond "Hell", it would still entirely fit with the tone of the MCU. It's one of the few ways such a dark moment could actually happen. And AGAIN, read the lyrics and imagine Doom fighting Mephisto for his mom's soul.... with recollections of all he has done to get to this point. It's uncanny how perfect it is. "That's me in the corner"... as Victor as a scared kid before going to college... "That's me in the spotlight" When he literally becomes a dictator... "losing my religion"... he's fucking fighting Mephisto himself. "Trying to keep an eye on you, and you are not me" Trying to make sure he doesn't do what Mephisto OR Reed did to him... "The lengths I will go too... the distance in your eyes"..... Literally why the Avengers are going to be needed him from stopping his fight with the devil over his mom's soul (which is where he turns into a villain, as he now doesn't forgive them for it).
funkmasterrex · 6 days ago
"Every whisper, every waking hour"... Mephisto whispers deals for souls.
funkmasterrex · 6 days ago
"I try and I try and I try"... Self-explanatory after two movies about preparation to kill the devil.
"That was just a dream.... just a dream".... when the Avengers stop him and he realizes his mother's soul really is lost.
funkmasterrex · 6 days ago
"Oh life, it's bigger... it's bigger and than you... and you are not me..." Speech to Mephisto.
funkmasterrex · 6 days ago
Then the biggest one.... "Oh no I've said too much, I've said enough". What a better way to flip the hero vs the villain self explanatory plot twist that lets the hero win?
funkmasterrex · 6 days ago
"I thought that I heard you laughing".... well duh... Mephisto tends to do that.
"I thought that I heard you sing" Lucifer/Mephisto was considered to have the most beautiful voice of all the angels... and this echos the whole whispering part...
"I thought I saw you cry"... This could be a great Paradise Lost reference, as the devil, in this case Lucifer, has an argument with "God" about his own creation and "God's" knowledge he'd tragically fall from grace.
"I think I thought I saw you try"... This applies to both Doom and Mephisto, for obviously different reasons.
funkmasterrex · 6 days ago
"I'm choosing my confessions" ....speaks the man who has somehow become worse than the devil.
funkmasterrex · 6 days ago
Anyway, gonna end this with...
"Consider this".
spookykink57 · 6 days ago
This is perfect. You have thought this whole thing out. It's amazing.
funkmasterrex · 5 days ago
Yeah lol