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parisqeen · 23 weeks ago
I'm hoping they're just taking some time off the internet to clear their head, so let's give them some time. If they don't come back in a day or two we can think about doing something, although I don't really know what we could do.
pranav · 22 weeks ago
@ntnick c'mon man where r u?!
interesting · 22 weeks ago
It's been a week, anyone heard from him?
vitklim · 22 weeks ago
No, but even then, I'm not sure if he would come back to post that soon after something serious
parisqeen · 22 weeks ago
He's okay. He's sorry he worried you, some things happened and he felt very overwhelmed so he's not going to be back on FunSub for awhile but at least we now know he's alive.
pranav · 22 weeks ago
Damn! He had me scared. Well tell him that we are always there for him when he needs us and to take as much time as he needs to get through whatever happened...
1_puma · 22 weeks ago
I’m so incredibly glad he’s ok!
savage_demmigod · 22 weeks ago
Thank you so so much for letting us know
parisqeen · 22 weeks ago
No worries and I will pass all of those lovely words onto him
hydrofalcon · 22 weeks ago
Glad to hear it :)
popsy · 22 weeks ago
That's good news
themommy1 · 20 weeks ago
It's been another week... how is
themommy1 · 20 weeks ago
He doing?
parisqeen · 20 weeks ago
Not well, I don't know what I can tell you but I'm doing my best to help him and let him know I'm here.
themommy1 · 20 weeks ago
Send him hugs and well wishes from me, Please. Thinking of him and if he needs any help climbing out of the darkness and dispare please let him know there are many people here that will help....
savage_demmigod · 20 weeks ago
Thank you so much @parisqeen for being there for him
We really really appreciate it
Let him know that we're here for him and that it's okay to hurt because we've got him amd he can get through all this
I hope that you're doing alright too
aviva · 20 weeks ago
I'm here for him too <3 @parisqeen I send him my love. I hope he bounces back really soon. He's priceless
themommy1 · 20 weeks ago
@ntnick thinking of you, hoping you are doing better... sending love and hugs your way...
draugrdeathoverlor · 19 weeks ago
@parisqeen How is he doing?
draugrdeathoverlor · 19 weeks ago
@ntnick Hope you're okay. I know I'm late, but if you want to talk I'm also here for you.