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igot3bodyproblems · 2 weeks ago
@ntnick how are you doing now, did you get through the last hours ok?
1_puma · 2 weeks ago
@allpower1227 You piece of shit. Don’t fucking joke about suicide.
chocolatefeces · 2 weeks ago
ntnick before doing anything serious, just vent it all out here. Type it all out, no matter how long it takes. This community will read it and sympathize, and that will help you. Venting will help you. Don't go to 4chan, because they'll all just tell you to stream it.
hydrofalcon · 2 weeks ago
@ntnick don’t do anything irrational, I know it can be strange venting to random strangers on the internet so even if it’s not us find someone to vent to. Weather it be a friend IRL or a close friend you’ve made online if that’s more comfortable for you. If that’s a little much then just write in a notebook or something and express your feeling in another way. Please keep us posted and reply.
vitklim · 2 weeks ago
Yeah, the best thing you could do here is just vent as much as possible, and take a nap if you can. Will give you some time to cool down and process the emotions.
pranav · 2 weeks ago
@ntnick i have a story to share. My beat friend committed suicide a couple months ago, and it still hurts. He believed he was alone, and that nobody cared for him. The pressure of high school didn’t help either. But as soon as the news of his passing
pranav · 2 weeks ago
Reached school, everybody felt genuine guilt and pain, and the ones close to him, myself included, still hurt even today. So please realize, even though it seems as though nobody cares, a lot of people do. Please separate yourself from the toxic people in your life and attach yourself to the people who care.
1_puma · 2 weeks ago
I hope you’re still alive. I hope you’re just on hiatus. I hope you don’t leave us. I’m severely worried.
savage_demmigod · 2 weeks ago
Dear @ntnick please be okay...
parisqeen · 2 weeks ago
I'm hoping they're just taking some time off the internet to clear their head, so let's give them some time. If they don't come back in a day or two we can think about doing something, although I don't really know what we could do.
pranav · 1 week ago
@ntnick c'mon man where r u?!
interesting · 1 week ago
It's been a week, anyone heard from him?
vitklim · 1 week ago
No, but even then, I'm not sure if he would come back to post that soon after something serious
parisqeen · 1 week ago
He's okay. He's sorry he worried you, some things happened and he felt very overwhelmed so he's not going to be back on FunSub for awhile but at least we now know he's alive.
pranav · 1 week ago
Damn! He had me scared. Well tell him that we are always there for him when he needs us and to take as much time as he needs to get through whatever happened...
1_puma · 1 week ago
I’m so incredibly glad he’s ok!
savage_demmigod · 1 week ago
Thank you so so much for letting us know
parisqeen · 1 week ago
No worries and I will pass all of those lovely words onto him
hydrofalcon · 1 week ago
Glad to hear it :)
popsy · 1 week ago
That's good news