savage_demmigod · 19 weeks ago
I'm here for you
You are not alone
grimreaper · 19 weeks ago
I lost my mother last year so I know what you're going through. The most important thing is to try and be comedic. Comedy is one of the best coping mechanisms out there, especially for this type of subject.
puddle_duck · 19 weeks ago
She's a funny gal. Thank you both.
deleted · 19 weeks ago
Here for you as well. As Savage said, you are not alone.
interesting · 19 weeks ago
I've been there, that's a tough situation. Allow yourself to feel, if that means laughing, crying, yelling into a pillow--do it.
parisqeen · 19 weeks ago
We're all here for you @puddle_duck. Any emotion or thought or feeling you which to share with us, please do, I think talking is one of the best ways to let emotions pass or to help yourself understand them. I'm sure you're already spending as much time with your mum as possible but ask her things, maybe even talk about those fears you have and the fears she has so it's easier for you both because you know what the others thinking. Situations like these, no ones ever "ready" for them, no ones ever ready to be alone so it's okay to feel that fear but please don't let that fear of the future ruin the present time you have with her by your side.
catfluff · 19 weeks ago
I completely agree with @parisqeen, spend as much time with her and ask as much questions about her life as possible, and document it if you can/want to.
Take a crap ton of pictures, do things you both have always wanted, create the best memories you can - both to reflect on later and to cheer the both of you up.
Talk about your fears with her, I'm sure she also fears that you'll be alone and struggle without a parent, etc. and acknowledging these fears and setting buffers now for the both of you (e.g. make a ten-step plan with her about what to do if shit goes down, what to do in a vehicle accident, how to make her best food if you feel lonely, things/plan you can do later in life that'll help her set her mind at ease, too).
It doesn't mean that you have to follow these line-by-line later, so don't feel guilty if you later find a better way/wish to choose differently, but keep it as an optional guideline so you have a "reassurance mother-plan" as buffer.
catfluff · 19 weeks ago
In the meanwhile, we send both of you lots of hugs and welcome you to talk to us about anything. We'll try to help, and if we don't know something all of us (including you) will be able to figure it out together (@guest_ is very good with taxes, too).
Even if you feel afraid and lost in the real life, you can always come back here for some support.
And if this platform ceases to exist many years in the future? We will find a way to reconnect somewhere else! We are here for you, friend, and we are here for your mother, too (if she wishes to join us) - she is welcome as well.
guest_ · 19 weeks ago
Hi @puddleduck. You’ll find no pitty here- sympathy yes. Pitty no. It goes without saying that what you’re going through is tough. No one can truly understand the bond you have with you mom- but many can relate in ways that they feel strongly towards their loved ones. Get it out. If you need to talk, talk. If you need some time in silence we will be silent. You can know you’re not alone and still feel alone- feel what you feel, hang on tight, and take the good moments you can while they are present. Your mother loves you and she lives within you. Carry that for both of you. Be her strength and she will be yours. You can do this.